DIY: Wedding Card

So this is my project #1. I did it for my boss for her marriage. Congrats by the way!

I thought a pop up design will be nice so I searched online for design/template and quotes.
I've done some pop up cards for different people now and then.

But this time, I did something different. Something... more challenging than ever.

From: x

Of course, my product is far from that.

Ready to see my work?

Cut blue lines, fold black dotted lines

This is the 'template' I drafted after staring at the sample. Btw, it is not perfect. If you like, you can use it as a guide!
(Not drawn to scale as well)

Blessings copied from the net

Not exactly super nice but not a bad attempt! Will work harder to perfect more cards (that is if I gather enough motivation to make another one, meh).

Stuck it on a red paper (Auspicious yo)

If you are wondering...

This is how it looks like from the front!

I think it is really thoughtful to make a really nice card for the people you love. A very good way to show how much you appreciate everything he or she has done for you. I mean, I literally put my heart into every single letter on a card. Just saying~
Hope this post inspires you to make a different card for someone you heart. xo

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