Cheapest Contact Lens In Singapore

After decking out in coloured lens for a couple of years, I am back to clear lens again. Coloured lens have changed my look to a large extent. No doubt. Yea so get used to it soon people.

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Yes, this is part of my PUP - Pre-University Preparation. I guess geeky look is sort of out of my favourite list LOL. Or rather, contact lens force me to at least doll up a little for University. First school without uniform. #mafan lol

If you grab contact lens from normal optical stores in shopping malls or 'branded optical stores', you will probably pay a hefty sum for half a year to a year's supply of contact lens.

There are many places to get your everyday lens at a deal.

If you travel across to Malaysia, you can get them at a great slash.

However, for those who don't have the luxury of time and worry about your safety, fret not. There are also good deals here in Singapore.

One of the places is Queensway. But man, that place is so out of the way for Woodlanders.

For people residing in the North, Go Chong Pang.

Here are the charges they quoted:

Non-astig lens
$10 for 1 month
$25 for 3 months
$50 for 6 months

Astig lens
$120 for 6 months

They are for either Biomedics or Bausch & Lomb

The store owners are very nice. I took the Astig package: $120 for 6 months. They threw in a pair of highly oxygen permeable lens for me to try. So that is $120 for 7 months. I thought it was a really good deal so I'm sharing that place with you people!

66 Optics & Contact Lens Centre
Blk 103 Yishun Ring Road #01-53 Singapore 760103
Tel: 67557710
11am to 9.30pm

Other lens:

Highly oxygen transmission
Air Optics Toric
$120 for 3 months

Biofinity Toric
$210 for 6 months
*This is the one they gave me a pair free :D*

Freshkon Alluring Eyes
$25 for 1 month

Anyway, even if you can't find this store, you can go into any stores around Chong Pang. Prices should be around the same. Good luck!


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  3. these prices are for coloured lens or transparent? They do have degrees right?

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