Oh man, am I getting boring? I know I have a lot of backdated posts to do and man, I'm really lazy mode level 995. Too lazy to even connect my phone to my computer. #onemorereasonwhyIneedacamera #excuses

Waiting the company's event to start. It will probably go all the way to 10? The first event I'm helping out in this company. Tomorrow will be the second. The food smells damn delicious I swear *drools*

I hope it'd be successful. Man it must be. All the effort put in by various people. Seriously, no joke.
But somehow, I just feel the whole event lack something (which my noob brain can't figure out). Maybe it's just me. Just one of my stupid thoughts again. Happened so many times. Totally possible to strike again today.

I'm getting more and more boring/irrelevant. Yes, I am. I can tell you I'm just blabbering nonsense right now because I enjoy listening to how the keyboard sounds oh yea I'm weird like that. But I believe there are many like me... NO? DON'T LIE HOR :>

My eyes are half-opened. Very tired after tons of walking, packing, shifting and basically just perfecting all the shit.

Alright kidos, See you soon!

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