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Hello cute people! I think this is my first ever post I wrote for an online store. What motivated me to write a post for them were their sincerity, prompt replies and pretty clothes! You see, this is the first online store I really like most of their clothes.

I hardly ever talk about fashion because I'm walking fashion disaster. -___- Especially when I go to work. My usual (boring + ugly) shirt and skirt... Disgusting. I'm a lazy person and I don't really care how I dress for routine life (work, school)

BUT recently, my colleague has been showing me some online stores and currently a few different styles in different blogshops caught my eye. You know what? They are mostly available in ShopTheLust :3
(click click click!)

I'm very into details. A plain shirt with details will blow me away. Easiest way to dress! It makes me feel effortless pretty.

Paper cut top
Super love paper cut designs. Look at this top; simple yet different at the same time!

 Simple shirt?

Wrong! Look at the details on the collar. :3

Laced Collar Top

If you're not so into details and stuff like that, they have your usual knitted tops and even a very nice checkered shirt.

The checkered shirt reminds me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I was obsessed with that show, that guy, that girl, that shirt. LOL.

Black Tube Romper
This totally looks like a tube dress but it's not!
This is a comfortable sexy dress, no? Can wear to club lol.
Nice nice I like. (LAST PIECE BTW)


Black Paperbag Skirt
I can never get enough of skirts. So volatile and the cut will add a touch of cuteness in your overall look! From go-to-school to off-to-work. Even suitable for a girly day!

Lastly, my favourite!

You don't have to get 2 different colours anymore. $23.50 for this - which makes it $11.75 for 1 look! There you go, save a hanger space in your wardrobe!
This is very important to me. My poor little wardrobe is giving way. :(

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Pay for your clothes and nothing else!

This short little post is not doing justice to ShopTheLust's collection.
Hop over and see their collection now!

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