Stop caring before it starts hurting

Thought about it, I should really blog more regularly. Forgot what I want to write already T___T
Anyway, some pictures for you! Not a ton but I managed to snap some photos over the past week/weeks.

Oh, by now I'm sure you've noticed - new blogskin. Actually I really like my previous one (lots of potential as well) but sadly, some IE users are still not able to read the post section. Ah might as well stick with classical template.

Musical performance @ Esplanade last Sunday

Told ya I'm balding. Cannot comb hair reason #1.

Favourite candy from new German colleague. 

Didn't manage to introduce myself because of some reasons. Meh forget it . 
Not that he gave me the candies or what. He put them in the pantry for everyone to eat lol.

One of my favourite quotes from tumblr.
So true.

(Now my new wallpaper)

Plaza Sing for Donghae and Siwon :D

Only managed to take shots like this... or blur ones. Crowd was crazy. 
We were going up and down the floors because we can only see them when we were on the escalator! So kuku but whatever. 

Met the army guys yesterday. One group photo. 

After which we went to have mac (now my throat hurts like a bitch) and yakun! Met Kai :3. 
tan kai yuan. Tan, literally. So... burned. LOL.

Gifts from sw (the heart keychain) and pouch from appy!
Handmade with love :3

This isn't mine but I'm too lazy to take again on my own! Just chill with it!

Weird looking picture but just in case you miss my face wtf.

Okay it's very late now. Snooze time. 
Hopefully I can pull myself out of my comfy bed for some morning exercise. No, not running to waterfront (you want me to die or something lolooollllll so far). 

I wonder whether the meet up will happen or not. No solid plans, no nothing.