My internet connection is as good as gone. Pray I've the time to write a post tomorrow. Or at least, with browsers that will load.

Sometimes I wish I've a lappy (with photoshop in it) so I can carry that junk out to probably Starbucks when my connection sucks like shit. Or when I feel like a real writer. Sipping coffee typing my work. LOL.

I can probably edit my photos there as well.

Speaking of which, I am not done with the photos yet. Wait a little while more.

I am heading down to shop with jess tomorrow ^^. Spent quite a bit these couple of days. Gonna cut it down man!

Though so, I'm saving hard for my new gadget. The one I wanted so bad for so long. (i still have to choose the model and such).

I wouldn't say I'm near but I'm 1 step closer. So... 9 more to go?
I hope it'd be only 9.

Meh nvm you wouldn't get my weird logic hehehhe