Planning ahead

Quality is so bad but damn I love how my pink lens ^^

Hello angels. 

It has been a while. I know. There are so many different events I need to write about. Too lazy. Too tired. #excuses

I hope I don't forget anything I wish to write. All the events. Actually, life has been pretty meaningful and packed. Just that I don't have the energy to do it. #foreversleeping

I saw a super wtf thing today. So angry. THAT MAN IS SO DISGUSTING MAN DON'T LET ME SEE YOU AGAIN IF NOT I STOMP YOU DAMN YOU DON'T THINK GIRLS ARE PUSHOVERS. Still pretty mad about that. Z to sum up, if you meet a man on the train/anywhere and he is intentionally sticking to you, like literally WHOLE FREAKING BODY and even to the extent of pulling up his sleeve to have more skin contact, you should probably give him a slap because you're not the only victim.

Btw, I'm not a victim. Just saw the whole thing right in front of my eyes. Gross.

Enough of stupid man.

Did packing for the... storage room. Lots of moving, clearing, throwing and ended the day with 2 broken nails and tons of little cuts on my hands. Meh. At least it beats sitting there for 1 whole day trying to do something.

I hope tomorrow wouldn't be TOOOO bad. Most probably trying my luck at plaza sing tomorrow. Siwon coming! Not a crazy fan but I don't mind seeing him right in front of me, as close as possible. hehheee.

Thurs shouldn't be too bad right?

For Friday. *breathes in*

First there will be farewell lunch aka Jap buffet with colleagues. Then I will be meeting Kai and the rest! Oh hi NS boy you're finally out! :D
Lastly, if I can find a guy friend to tag along then maybe we can visit a club. huuu wonder if it is possible. I need to expand my social circle man. #foreveralone

Sat will be a short meet up with some other NS boys! (I believe) and pray Sun will be a home day/late day. At least let me sleep a bit later.

Seriously, I haven't been taking photos T___T Ahhh I'm too lazy.