Mushroom Soup in Minutes

Something good to share with you hungry readers~ (and best if you're lazy, like me).

Campbell's Mushroom Cheese and Croutons

This is very nice! Brought a couple of packs over to UK and they served as good midnight snack/breakfast! Even the girls love it!

Don't be too impatient and add a lot of water at a go. Top it up slowly until you get the correct consistency (aka thick and creamy).

There're bits of croutons inside. Personally, I prefer them to be soft. I will soak them before eating! If you like crunchy bits just have them before they absorb too much water. Oh, not forgetting little tiny pieces of mushrooms inside. 

Okay just sharing. 
After all, I snapped these pictures more than 2 months ago.
Time to hit the sack.