KTV @ Marsiling Community Center

Updated on 3/7/2013! (New pricing, refer to photo below)

11Feb2012, Saturday;

Went for an impromptu ktv session after a mini celebration with sm (blog about this soon).

Marsiling CC
100 Admiralty Road Singapore 739980 
I believe bus 178 is able to go there. Take from woodlands interchange.
(we cabbed there as we were running late)

It is really cheap! Can I say it is the cheapest ktv in Singapore? Not very sure because I don't sing a lot hehehe. #horriblesinging

Remember to call and make reservations beforehand!

New pricing as of 2013!

I was a little skeptical about the place as well. I mean, it is not located inside the usual shopping malls... might be pretty run-down or what. or dirty. or sleazy. But it's not. In fact, the place is clean and comfortable.

Our room 

Ample space for 4 girls. 
Jc joined us afterwards.

No complains! 

The menu.

The songs are pretty updated. (not like I might old songs) and there is a lot of different genres/singers to choose from. 

Bill was $35 for 3 hours of singing. Really cheap! Considering the fact that we ordered 7 hotdog buns, 1 plate of garlic bread and 1 coke (not sure whether jc paid for it but heck, still cheap). 

The hotdog bun is nice. I love it. *craving*

Ok I need to go back to that place real soon. 
Cheap + good + near. 

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