I gave up on that complicated thing

Dear sunshine,

Today is not bright and cheery. But I thought through. Let's just try one more time. At least at the end of the day, even if it fails, I can tell myself I gave my 100%.

Anywayzzzzzz, today's lunch was great. We dined at The nasi Padang store. Yummy malay food. I even ate the sotong because it was really good! Damn, so out of the place. Quick, someone learn to drive and get a car! :D

Ahhh I need to blog about other stuff but I'm physically drained. Finally done up my blogskin. Edited all the codes and such. So if there's any issues with any particular browser, please inform me! Thanks in advance!

Something random but meh~ I was reading sw's post during work just now. It's seriously very funny and I've to act like I'm having a flu as I'm trying to not laugh. Even breathing is 100 times louder in a quiet office, agree?

Might be darkening my hair tomorrow or Friday. At most Sat? Cannot stand my brown hair. Or should I just go all the way to milktea brown? LOL. I scared later I heart attack.

Oh, something not interesting: I painted my nails with the nail polishes/nail art I got back from bkk! Pretty! Only 1 hand though. I must finish it up right? If not it'd look damn weird.

Let's start putting in effort. 

Okay then, I go write blogpost nowwww :3

Oh ya, I wanna exercise too! Let's play some outdoor games with preferably no Sun. No frisbee because I don't wana feel like a dog chasing after the frisbee. (frisbee lovers, no offence. This is just my excuse ^^). The only thing I can think of is badminton. Yes, no, yes, no?

Lastly, my ang moh cmi already. How?