A home day

Wanted to text/call my managers earlier but I overslept. Fever was gone by the time I woke up. Had some meds for sore throat and went back to sleep.

Spent the entire day watching Material Queen. Such a good show. So different from the usual. Love it to bits. Currently left 1 more episode. Realised I've 3 more eps to go! :D:D:D:D
It's sooooo sad. :(

Gonna shower (can right?), scoop some dinner for myself and finish the last section!

Can't wait man.

Guess I'll be well and alive tomorrow. Still a little feverish now and then. Wouldn't die!
Wanted to blog about other stuff but... heheee maybe later.

PSPS, I don't have much voice now. It's okay. Not like I need to talk to anyone for a while.