Review: Watsons Moisturising Lip Balm (Apple & Peach) (DISCONTINUED)

Been trying items from house brands quite frequently.
Looking into cheaper alternatives yea.

As I've mentioned, house brands might not lose out in terms of quality. I love Watsons' Hair Treatment a lot!

Cut the long story short, here's another thing I want to write!

Watsons Moisturising Lip Balm

What: Lip Balm
Scent: Apple and Peach
Taste: No scent
Good for: Dry lips
Cost: $2.90
Where to get it: Watsons stores

What I like:

The smell
Apple + peach. There you got me. It just smell heavenly.

The value
$2.90 for a usual size of lip balm. Guess I can pair the phrase 'value for money' with this product

What I don't like:

The texture
It just feels waxy on my lips. So annoying. But I've used worse ones. *shivers*

The function
Sadly, this doesn't work very well. My lips are still chapped/dry after using for a few days. Used better ones before that's why I can make this comparison!

This does not leave any sort of colour on your lips. A good-bad thing. Good if you wish to wear some sort of other colour on moisturised lips but bad if you are looking for a 2-in-1. Nothing is perfect anyway.

For me, this product doesn't make me nauseous (THANK GOD because some others did). Not a bad to the max product but it is also not something I'll repurchase. I would rather top up a little and try another brand I've been reading on quite a lot nowadays. Before that, I'm trying my very best to finish this tube first.

My rating: 4/10
Will not repurchase.