Good good day

Today is really good.
I did many things I never done before. Cool or cool?

My manager bought breakfast for me. Yes to egg. My house even ran out of eggs. Can you believe it? #timetostockup

I had some things to do. Not bad. At least time seemed to pass faster. Had lunch at manhattan fish market, plaza sing. Not nice, at all.

It was bad compared to what I tried at causeway point manhattan.

The brownie with vanilla was appetising. (btw I'm hungry now)

Lunch was without Jessica but with other colleagues. Listening to them talk is very funny. Heheee.

Had a little shopping trip at daiso. Got gloves to wash toilet and stuff hur.

Then I did my first FedEx mail. Not bad.

Damnz not sure whether I should go to ps later. Siwon and donghae! But man the crowd is terrible!

Tataaaa blog later when I reach home!