You know, that feeling?

Is like you cannot even bring yourself to be angry anymore. Because you no longer want to care.

It is either I got better at holding back tears or I just simply don't want to give a damn.

After everything, you are just another girl no one wants, trusts.
After all the things I tried, the efforts I made. What exactly am I expecting? Seriously?
Is being appreciated that hard to achieve? (as much as I hate people saying this to me. But I guess it is better than being treated as dirt shit)

People reading this, please save your comforting words. Fake or real.

I'm even over the stage of pitying myself. Lol. So I don't need those words.

Thanks for reading this chunk of bullshit. I feel better already. Really.

Anyone, ask me out tmr. Before I drown myself I these horrible shit.

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