Blogging Task: Creed Media

Hello folks, there is increasingly more and more of good websites coming out. Advertorials from nuffnang, gushcloud and so on. Not very long ago I was introduced to another website - Creed Media (from one of my clouds)

Basically, you just have to sign up as their publisher (for free), embed a flash game on your social media: Facebook, twitter or blog to earn.

Step 1: Go to 2: Sign up as a publisher and embed a game into your blog template(like a widget).
Step 3: Watch your earnings grow!

Pretty easy. I've signed up and embedded my game <<<<<. Right below my nuffnang.

Chose this lame/easy game. One of my favourites lol I'm boring like that.

There are other games for you to choose as well!

Some other games available.

What I like:

1. It's entertaining
In case I promised to update at xxxx hours but fail to do so *ahem*, you can entertain yourself with the game? LOL

2. The code size
There are freaking a lot of different sizes for you to choose. So no more out of your template icons. 

3. No blog, fret not use other social media!
Facebook/twitter friendly as well! Check the site for more details!

4. It is in USD
Like gushcloud, the amount reflected in the website is in USD. That means you sort of earn a little more when you convert it to SGD. *Not bad*

I guess it's a no harm trying thing. Not like it takes up a ton of space or something. Just a small little corner. Plus, I love gushcloud a lot (sorry if I gushed a little too much recently) and who knows I might like creed media as much.

X now go sign up or play <<<< 

Click here to join!

If you have not read, scroll down!