You always wish you have much more

Hi. A few days ago I tried sticking... double eyelid tape.
Yay to higher double eyelids.

I find it makes me look.. different. So define. Kinda like it. Quite nice leh.
(sw disagrees thought~)

Tempted to like go for some sort of correction.

The stickers I'm using are quite expensive. There is only like 50 pairs and they cost about 5? I know of stickers that cost much less. It is the thicker kind. Don't quite like it as it is a tad obvious especially when I'm looking down.

Anyhow, don't know whether it is psychological effect or something. I find my double eyelid "fold" is more define even after removing them!

But don't use too often ba. Later eyelids sag. Don't say I never warn you.


PS, I can never master the gluing method. HAHAAA.
PSS, I look exceptional fair yay to new lights. But it is damn glaring. (for the sake of nicer pictures T__T) and I'm finally utilising 8MP camera~
PSSS, one of my eyes looks weird. I know. OR BOTH? o__O