Third Week of 2012

I can go on doing this.

My daily events during work are sooooooo repetitive I can basically summarise everything in 1 single post. Wait till I get a better/more interesting job okay!

Now I know why the productivity level will fall for mundane work.

Monday 16/1/12: 

A greedy day. Took some photos in case you can't stand all the black ugly words.

Sis gave me this pouch! Using it to hold my keys (which can't fit my strap)

Caramel Milk Tea 50% Sugar from Eskimo ($2.90)

Yums! Comparable to Koi! But sadly, same price.
If cheaper I confirm drink everyday.

Gonna try others as well. My colleague loves their drinks. 

Nothing else worth mentioning. But if you really want something....
I ate duck rice from Plaza Sing. And it is not nice. 

Tuesday 17/1/12:

Went out to be delivery girl again. Had my first lunch in 313@Somerset with my bosses. I can totally enjoy life like this. Except the depleting number in my bank account T___T

Shifted office. Private office rocks.
Very tiny table

Sushi for supper

Wednesday, 18/1/12: 


Thursday 19/1/12:

Work. went for dinner with Seow Wen.
Post is here.

Friday 20/1/12:

Work ended at 4pm. Dragged to 5pm due to an email. -.-
Met dearests for early birthday celebration for tiffy. Had dinner + mini cake. 
More about that eventful day very soon.

Saturday 21/1/12:

Slept most of my day away. Edited this skin (since it failed once) most of the time when my eyes are opened. Had a horrible terrible nightmare. Plus the rain was very scary. 

You might think my nightmare is a joke. Okay here's what I dreamed of.

I dreamed that my little sis died. So my memories of her (from then onward), like the things we did in Dec, the words I said to her etc were all thought up, by myself. 

It was horrible I swear. 

In my dream, I went to work. Saw the people I usually work with/hang out with. I went home. 
Then I was browsing through documents in my dad's drawer and found the death certificate of my sis. (IKR WHERE GOT SUCH A THING) It was dated June 11 2011. I CAN REMEMBER IT SO WELL YOU SEE. SCARED ME SOOOO MUCH. 

I was so freaked out. Waited for mum/dad to come home and asked about it. They told me it is true. 
Someone said she died when she was sleeping. She suffocated. 

And suddenly I recalled (in my dreams lol) myself crying beside her bed, her cold body etc. Intense pain. I was crying and shouting in my dream. And then I woke up. 

The moment I opened my eyes, I cried. Really badly. 
So glad it was a dream. So glad I woke up. But I started to doubt reality so much. Went to check her bed, her clothes and everything else to make sure it was there. Messy bed, checked. Cupboard full of clothes: checked. Went to check her facebook as well. Saw she posted something 11hours ago. It was then I managed to calm down. 

Idky my mind decides to play such a bad joke on me. I love her a lot, probably the most in this whole wide world and I cannot live without her. She's the best sis, ever. 

I really dote on her and would give her the best I can. 
She's the little cute girl in my family. For always. 

Please let my family and friends stay healthy. And safe.