I guess ren Lao le cannot spam too much food anymore. Gained an inch of fats here and there and it's scary.

I might sound like some anorexic kid right now. You may think I'm damn skinny or what but I'm far from that.

But, I'm not someone who steps on weighing machine everyday or measure their limbs every moment. I don't even have a measuring tape, nor weighing scale. Quite fail for a house full of girls.

Anyway, I wasn't really bothered by how meaty i got until I wore a tank top. And looked at recent pictures.

Argh time to cut some weight? I guess fats is the more appropriate word here.

I know it's pretty unbelievable, but I'm under 45kg. Weight doesn't bother me that much as long as it is kept under 45.

However, I do agree I look top meaty to be under 45 T___T

I gained an inch around my waist, no joke. I don't even recall spamming food leh. Lao le.

So I set targets for myself to achieve before the damn new year. I wanna look nice since I only meet my relatives once every year. Must leave good impression, no?

Target. This may be even fatter than what you have but i don't really mind. It's good enough for me. After all, I'm not born bony.

Arms: 9"
Waist: 24"
Thighs: 15"

Hahah didnt measure my bloated face. I let you have 1-2 days shrink in size okay. ^^

I sorta give up on the slim legs thing because my bloody calf is like muscles. Heheh I've running legs, no?

Btw, it's genes. I hate running for goddesses sake. Xo

This is not anorexic, I just wanna look better for my eyes. Not adopting unhealthy jian fei plan like vomiting or what. Just picking up exercises lie aerobics every other day. :D

Wait for my update. I will be back Heheh!

If you wanna just lose an inch or two, come come let's jia you tgt.