Second week of 2012

So one more week down. Didn't really blog about daily events ever since I started working.

Not gonna share the company I'm working right now. It is not very good.

This week is really meaningful.

Tuesday to Wednesday: Product training. Learned so much about the company and I'm pretty amazed. Tempted to change my whole bathroom (guess which company I'm working hahaha!). Anyway, my trainer is really informative and entertained us a whole lot.

Successful and full of potential. Will I be like him in the future?
He taught me many things, life lessons.

So glad I joined the training. Actually I'm not required to join as the training is crafted for marketing and sales personnel.

Went through 2 tests and cleared them with perfect/almost perfect score. ^^ Not bad ar. No la, it's very manageable. Really. Getting certificate as well. ^^

Also, I had the best fried mushrooms from an Italian Restaurant in 313@Somerset. S something. Go look around, not that hard.

Not forgetting a short gathering with some peeps at Minds Cafe (will blog about this soon)

Thursday: Highlight of the day was I visited the busiest/most professional place in Singapore. First time stepping into CBD area. Like seriously tall buildings all around and everyone is practically doing their own things. Anyway, was out with my boss to deliver mandarin oranges. Cool or what.

Friday: TGIF. Ate in an Italian Restaurant in Liang Court. So much Italian food this week. Boss paid for my meal. She is the best I tell you. Btw, that place is really good and cheap. Gonna visit it soon ^^. I didn't have escargots. Maybe I will next time.

Got Meiji milk to make my Friday a better day hahahha!

What I should do today: assuming new post.

REALLY? I was happy when I saw this lol. I hope what I wrote about that post come true!! You gonna wait for it. Not now. ^^

This is my week! Halfway through blogging on many different topics. Since I don't have to wake up at crazy hours, I can blog a little more/schedule posts for the new year! 

Going to be packed to the brim then. :/

So many ones. ^^

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