Preparing myself for the Chinese New Year

Cny is just round the corner. Barely 1 week left. Oh great. How's the preparation going on?

Other than the usual grocery shopping/spring cleaning, you got to remember you need to prepare yourself for the new year as well!

Perhaps cny is way too early this year. Totally rushing. No cny mood yet.

Set a couple of "targets" for myself to reach. Man, not exactly working well. Guess I've to work harder. At least I made the effort to walk home when I can choose free transfer, you know?

This is what I'm doing/plan to do. For 1 week.

1. Drink 5 glasses or more of water
Don't meh. I don't usually drink water. Probably can survive in a desert longer than you out there yo. (this is the only benefit I can think of). Been trying to force down at least... say 4 cups of water daily this few weeks. My body is so used (in a bad way) to minimal water so I went to the toilet like.... 8 times in 2hours today. With full bladder.

It was worth it. Swear. Skin/health improved so much. I don't get chapped lips or dry skin now despite sitting in an air-conditioned environment for 8 hours.Not adding sleeping time yet.

So remember to hydrate yourself.

2. Drink 1 glass of green tea 
Especially after meal I guess. Good to clean out your system blahblahblah. This is not some sort of medical blog so if you really wish to find out, google it.
Of course, it helped my body a whole lot. :D Plus it will make you lose some fats. That's what I heard of.

3. Sleep early
I can't be too ambitious and set targets like going to bed at 10pm. I'm tired enough to crash but if I sleep at 10am, say bye to blog posts. And catching up with cyber space.  Target 1230am. Or earlier. That's 1 hour earlier than my usual sleeping time. I know.

4. Exercise
Not gonna try too hard (as well) so some sort of stretching every morning + walk home after work + some sort of exercise before bed. I'm contented already.

5. Skip make up
This is nothing hard. I don't make up when I go to work. If lazy is some sort of worm, I bet I'm covered with those er xin things.

6. Basic skin care
Follow the 4 step: Wash, exfoliate (can be a daily/weekly thing), toner and moisturiser. Do wonders.
Will be masking a little more than usual this couple of days.

7. Low Carbs meal
That means less rice. I know. Can you believe I had sooooooo little rice (even stray cats downstairs eat more than what I had). Save my carbs for future use! All the new year junk food + good food. Less meat + more vegs as well. 1 week. #noproblem

Sounds simple to you?
It will be pretty tough for me to follow the 7 golden rules for 1 week.

This year,  I wanna look healthy and glowy? So I don't wanna spend too much time on hair/nails/clothes.
Been scanning through the possible look I would want during chu yi. I hope it will turn out great.

Korean style make-up btw. Jappie thick lashes and all will be a little too much for my family to take. LOL. So natural looking look will be more suitable.

Sorry I sounded cold/pissed/irritated/insert all negative feelings.
Too much things to juggle and I'm tired.

Skip the formalities. Too hard to answer. xo