The next few days...

I will be so tied down I can't update as much/as long.

Halfway through my new skin so IE users, please tolerate for a little while more!

Yawns. It is like 6.30am in the morning. So much to do. No choice I've to wake up and such an hour.
( - o - ) Tired tired. #forevertired

Today will be a long day. Hope everything goes well!

Can't prepare a farewell for one of my colleagues. T__T sorry. Hope you enjoy your new job!
Can't send Kai off to Tekong! :( My chance of visiting just flew away.Anyway, take good care! And don't do weird/silly things my dear!
Can't celebrate sm's 19 with her! Happy birthday in advance I lub you very much <3

Lots of trade-offs. T___T

Gonna run now.
PSSS actually I've drafted enough posts to keep this space filled. Don't know why I'm so reluctant to post it up. Later Later.