New Skin for the new year~!

Hola! Finally done. Coding and stuff are crazy hurhurr.

I haven't take my banner picture. Still planning! So let's leave it as it is now.

Do you like it? Very pink indeed. ^^
I particularly love the pictures I made for my links! Clickable!
Finally linked up my tumblr, twitter and long-time-never-touch formspring. I can't figure out the codes for comment buttons so just in case you wanna say something/ask something, drop it there.

Another thing I spent shitloads of time on was the Posts portion. Customised the search bar so it'd fit in! Searchable btw!

Click the titles to see the posts! I guess it is neater this way.
(I expect it to get longer anyway).

Love this skin! Worth all the sweat man.
Alright, let me do my posts. After some rest hehehee.

Btw this is the right size. 
(At least for my type of screen loolool)

Ctrl-[+] to zoom in
Ctrl-[-] to zoom out 

In case it is too big/too small.

If there is any issues viewing in any server, please inform me. Thanks! ^^