Minds Cafe With The Awesomes

Ahhhhh I can't believe I actually stepped into Minds Cafe so soon. Not a bad place to hang out I guess. Time to get more board games and DIY the experience. Much much cheaper.

Visited the same branch

Minds Cafe @ Funan IT Mall. 
Funan Centre, #02-16
109 North Bridge Road, Singapore
More info here

They changed the setting and all. So fast!

When we got there (7pm), it was empty. The ladies used the ladies' night with top up whereas the guys took the deals. Each of us paid about.... $19+?

Tom Yam Pasta ($10.90)


Some cheesy pasta

I like. Very thick. ^^

Some tomato pasta 

Didn't bother taking pictures of the food that came after the pastas we had. Desserts were disappointing. Nooooo the very yummy apple crumble where are you? 

Enough of food. 

Played some games. 

Actually that's about all we did. 
Went to the toilet; about 3/4 times. 

So.... not interesting. What's happening to my life? 

If you feel I'm less crappy here, I'm 1000 times worse in real life. So tired so tired. 

#okaycan next time I shall do more things/activities. 

1 blur and ugly group photo to conclude the day lol.