Minds Café for Shi Wee's Farewell

So last friday I went to Minds Café with some of my colleagues for Shi Wee's farewell. Continue to excel girl!

That was the first time for me, stepping into Minds Café. There are tons of board games available and it kinda makes me feel ashamed because I barely know those games.

Karen got a deal for us, $15.90 for 3 hours of board games, main course, dessert and free flow of drinks.
The people working there are cute and cheerful. I like. :D

Cranium: Very fun

Oh, I went to the Funan branch btw. Very cozy environment I would say.

The free flow of drinks were meh. Didn't even finish a cup. Guess plain water taste better, to me.

BUT, the main course and desserts, especially desserts, were superb!

Sausage Creamy Pasta 
Pretty okayish. Love the bits of ham or what inside.

Double Chocolate brownie (?)

Cannot remember but Minds black and white and apple crumble are mad nice. 
Especially apple crumble. Love it to infinity. I always dislike apple crumble but this won me over. 


My masterpiece hahahhaa

Shi Wee is not here though. :(

Really like Minds! Going back next tues with peeps! ^^ Pretty near my workplace.
oh there's a mystery thing too! Gonna show them when they go there hehehe.

Parted with them and went to meet Tim. Shopped around (him). Talked a lot. 

Miss that boy a lot. Thus explains my good mood? 

That's about all~~~~~

I got disgustingly fat. Time to slash them away! :(