The issue about blogging

This is a very wordy and lengthy post but it is something I feel so strongly about.

I have been keeping a blog for… about 6 years? There are so many changes if we were to compare the first post I made to this very moment: from URLs to blog skins, writing styles and even the perspective of blogging.

I opened my first space way back in 2006? Blogs were the hot thing and basically every soul owns a blog. How can I miss out the fun? I wrote in horrible English (PS, not that my language is terrific now la) with twits and all. Hello, don’t laugh at me. I was only 13 back then – young, foolish and follows everything in trend. Or anything I perceived to be “cool”.

I used to blog for keepsake. For whining purposes (Love life, fml). Everything is ridiculously emotional and dumb. That probably happened for my first few blogs. I can’t recall the URLs now. Anyway, don’t bother, I’ve deleted those blogs/posts.

I started taking blogging more seriously, say about secondary 2. I wrote more about my daily life/feelings/random things. At least it is not clotted with emotional love shit. I remember vividly I wanted to achieve something from this little cyberspace I own. I spent ages coming out with an URL. I wanted something with my name in it. Something unique yet it has a touch of me.

And so I came up with jielinnnx33. Don’t complain about the N. Jie Lin is such a common name. Billions of Jie Lin all around and this is the best I can come up with. :3

Changed URL, changed contents, changed writing style.
I would avoid writing in Chinese, using Singlish, emotions now. I will double check all my tenses/spelling etc before I post any post up. (Really can’t take it when I read my archives and spot crazy amount of errors). I’m thankful to my JC GP tutor for this. She is the one who changed me. #bestteacher
PS, if I make any errors or whatsoever, feel free to correct me. Life is lesson by itself. I’m not perfect but I will try to close up the gap.

I stop photoshopping my pictures. Fml it is so fugly. Almost died when I saw the photos I took back then.

Okay, something to note.
Not that I DON’T photoshop. I do. But I don’t edit that much now. 1 batch of photos I take (say 20 shots), only 1 or 2 can use. Discover your angles and such, it’d make your life easier. 1 thing I would do for all pictures: levels. Favourite tool. 
But not suitable for people with lighter hair colour. (Maybe I’d explain in some other posts).

Better stop now if not I’ll go on and on.

So currently, other than blogging about the usual things, I will write posts that are helpful to people. Kinda make me happy when I know people are using those posts as a guide. (Refer to the left, or any other posts I wrote). It is indirectly telling me, I’m useful to someone somewhere in this world.
And I hope I will continue to be! ^^

Really glad I’ve strangers coming up to me, telling me they read this space. Or somewhere along that line. I can’t believe I can earn (a tiny sum) from this space. Thanks nuffnang, not to say know friends through this space. :D

Talked about the past, the present and now, the way forward.

I will continue to blog. Despite the tiring schedules and mundane daily events. This is my baby. My hardwork. My listening ear. :]
I don’t know whether you’d feel the same or not but I feel closer to those I read. Even after days or months. Blogs/Twitter is a good place for me to keep myself updated –how they are doing, feeling, etc.

I will strive to take good, if not better photos. Saving for a good photobaby. Yea.
I will try my very best to update every day, hopefully with interesting stuff okay!