How To: Fake a bob

Never doubt my love for my long locks. But well, sometimes I'm just sick of looking the same (sadako style yo) 

Hahaaa recently hooked to short hair girls. Especially when they (the korean dramas I watched haahah) style their hair! I was like wahhh and kept staring. Something wrong with me? hahhaha!


Not going to bob it anytime soon. Maybe just snip a few inches. Waist length hair is.... crazy. I've so much hair fall every single day. :(

Waste shampoo, water, conditioner whatsoever. 

It is pretty easy to fake a bob. Picked the way to do it from youtube.


My hair is really long. V-shaped with as good as zero layers. I mean, my layers are all the the end of the 70cm or so hair so when I tie my hair up, I cannot achieve the bedhead look, you get? 

Anyway, if you have short layers, it will look very good on you! Maybe you can wax/curl it. I guess I would never have the energy to layer my hair again. Too lazy to style. I guess I would probably stick with this style for a while. I don't even brush my hair. Lol lazy max.

What you need:
1. Pins/clips
2. 2 hair ties/rubber bands
3. Practice

Chose this video because she uses nice song :D (From you're beautiful)

Alternatively, you can check out DoubleChin's video here. Very detailed and I love the way she does her fringe. 

This is not an easy method. So here's method 2!

You will need the thing to do so. It is sold almost everywhere. Just visit your local hair accessories store.
Pretty useful because you can use it for  bun as well. (youtube to find out more/ask SA)

I would say this is a better method for me (and people with my type of hair)

1. For dummies like me. I suck because I can barely tie anything nice except ponytails. Meh. #failasagirl
2. It is more useful for people with no layers/not much layers.

Okay can. gogogogoo! 
Just a random note: I wouldn't wear this hair out because it looks horrendous at the back (impatient me = fail hairstyle). 

But for photos, passable. Haahaa! :D