Happy 19 Tiffy @ 2D1N Soju Bang

Technically speaking you wouldn't see this post anytime soon because I've so many backdated posts to clear. This event took place 1 week ago, pretty "fresh". However, I wrote this first as Kai wanted to read badly. For whatever reason. I try my best to write to my best ability and hopefully this post is not disappointing to ya tky! (:

20/1/2012, Friday

Early birthday celebration for Tiffy. Headed to 2D1N Soju Bang for Korean BBQ buffet since Kai wanted to visit that place since forever.

2D1N Soju Bang

44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road, S(088467)
(+65) 6227 6033
Sun - Thur: 5.30pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Review on 2D1N Soju Bang BBQ Buffet

The Location
The place is a probably 10 minutes (if you crawl) from Tanjong Pagar Station. Arm yourself with google maps or something if you're unfamiliar with that area. Remember to check with the staff which exit to take. I can't exactly recall which exit we took... I believe it was exit A. (Don't blame me if it's not the right one haha!) I just had to follow the pros. Nonetheless, it wasn't hard to locate anyway. Singapore is after all a very puny and accessible city.

The Price
It is $20++ for buffet dinner. Each of us paid $23.50. We did not add any drinks. I would say the price is reasonable for buffet dinner.

The Ambiance
A small littler restaurant. Well ventilated but we still smelt like like BBQ humans after dinner. The place is a little greasy. Can't help I guess. Generally clean, even the toilet. It will get a little noisy as it is more of a gathering spot of young adults or families.

The Crowd
We reached that place about... 6.45pm. No crazy crowd but expect a little queuing. Left at 8 over and there were still people waiting for seats.

The Service
Nice people. They would volunteer to change the aluminium sheet, clear the plates etc. Something to note is most of the staff tend to mix your BBQ items (raw or cooked) together when they are removing them from the old foil to the new one.

The Variety
There isn't a whole lot of variety but enough to satisfy. Heaven for meat eater heheee. Pork, beef, chicken, vegs and kimchi. Only cold water is provided. You have to pay for other assorted drinks.

The Must Eat
1. Rice.
Very yum I swear. (I'm a rice person)

2. Chicken chucks.
Honey marinated or something? Very refreshing and meat is tender.

3. Beef ribs
Very tasty.

These are all I took that day. Too busy stuffing myself with BBQ proteins.

It wasn't a bad buffet. Will be really worth it if you love beef and all sorts of meat. You just have to scrub yourself/wash your hair 2 times when you reach home.

Gave both Liting and Tiffy their presents while they were in the washroom.

More picturez!


We ended our nom trip pretty early. Went off in search of dessert place.



Very pretty picture of sm!




However, there were too little to choose from so we trained to city hall, I believe.

Settled for Ben&Jerry's cake. A really mini celebration for Tiffy's 19.





Really don't like the initial picture because it makes my butt looks fat. And fake. I puckered it. Much better.

Spent the rest of our time at some outdoor stage. Listened to a Chinese band and took pictures! (As usual)

Note, there is a lot of unglam shots but idc. They are part of my fun memories.











Hair getting messy because I'm sweating a lot!

I looked like a giant in most group shots. Don't know why. But I assure you I'm the shortest and smallest among them.



More random talking before parting. Can't wait to see them again tomorrow.

There are some photos not here yet. (3 not here) Not sure what's wrong. Will edit again before 12 midnight. Xo.