Hello everybody! I want to share something with all of you!


I did blog about this website before (many other bloggers did as well).

But I wrote it at a small corner then.

Today... I did a whole post on Gushcloud because....

I've received my first payment from this website!
Wanted to test the reliability of this web (human nature to doubt) .

And it works okay!

It's a mere 20 dollars but it's a good start! Can cover 1 week travel fares T___T

It's easy, just link it to your facebook/twitter/blog and you get to "gush" advertisements.
Tweet/post on facebook page/like/follow on twitter/blog. Easy things you do every single day.

One thing you have note is your gushscore. My score is pathetic la (33 currently). Used to be higher. When I was more active in social websites. There was a period it dropped all the way to 9 hahaha noob.

no harm signing up and start gushing!

*linked ya to my referral site. Even if you join via that link I only get 10cents so it's not exactly motive-driven post hor! Just wanna share/convince you to join!

**Plus more of you join = my gushscore drop even more. Because gushscore is a relative thing. All of you confirm more active than me = my value drop, you get?
HAHAA but never mind. ^^
Go join go join let's gush together.