First week of 2012

Hello sweethearts;

You must be disappointed because I said there will be 1 more post but it just never happened right?!

Sorry I'm so drained, trying to meet all the deadlines and all. It is never easy leading a team but I believe everything will ultimately be alright. Plus the results are rewarding.

Spent almost half the day lazing/sleeping. It is good! Slept all I want ^^. Still a tad tired. Going to meet the girls in a while for dinner and probably slacking/playing time heheh.

Finally meeting them. I have not seen them since last year. LOL.

How's your first week for 2012?
Except Friday (some minor mood swings), it has been awesome for me! There are more things to do these few days, not bad not bad.

Alright I'm seriously multi-tasking. Writing a post and more research!