If you have read the post before this (sorry for all the shabbiness but I sacrificed my sleep and show for it), you will realise I missed someone out. Not typing for joe because he doesn't read anyway. -___-

Kai. Yes.
We were like so damn close when we were sec2. But well, over the years we sort of drifted apart. We had less to talk, I simply stopped turning to him. Argh why did I?

Yesterday was a.... make it or break it day.

We spent our first second of 2012 on the train. Not bad especially I've the closest lot around me. With comfortable MRT seats. Haaaaaaahaaa.

Anyhow, so we reached Woodlands pretty early. Together with Kai, we accompanied Shimei home.
Went to the coffee shop for ice milo. Thanks Kai! ^^ Crapped and talked. Nothing can replace all that, swear.

Sent Shimei to her block before walking back to the station.
Meanwhile, h2h talk with this boy. I can barely feel my feet after the whole 45 minutes walk but everything was worth it.

Lost a couple of secrets blah but know this boy so much more. Anything can share too! I will listen.

Anywayzzzzz, he totally deserved a post on his own because he said something which really really really touched me. kai you started my 2012 in such a good note!

I needed the toilet (too much milo lol). Outside the toilet...

Kai: 我也要去,你在里面久一点
Me: *puzzled* 可是我好了你也会好了
(PS, I know I'm not linking very well. It's 2am in the morning)
Kai: 这样我会先出来

You don't know how much these words meant to me man. I totally didn't notice my surroundings please. There were apparently drunk foreigners etc around.

This is the first time in my life I feel so protected and love.
xo <3 ky.

And we continued to walk all the way back to my house after that. 45 minutes walk. Best 45 minutes in my whole entire 2012. LOL.