Don't abandon me yet

Ahh I feel weird not blogging.

I've too much things on hand. So sorry. Barely enjoyed my rest with all the things piling up.
Despite so, 2012 has been great. ^^

I'm done with secret garden. Yes it is indeed a  nice show. But I kinda hate the kids they have. Haahhaa irritating lot. You can expect a post on that show too. Once I figure my schedule and to-dos out.

Just wanna say, man I'm really that sort of person. The more I look at the actors in the show, the more I like them. Am I such an easy influence hur? Thank god I didn't mix with bengs and lians when I was young. If not I would probably be smoking or what now, not here, blogging my ass off because I need to go to bed and prepare myself for the first official meeting with all the people in my company. Without Jessica tomorrow.

Yes it has been a great year, so tomorrow will be as usual, great.
Wait for my post during lunch break. I foresee solo lunch/snacking in the office. Geez I'm still pretty lazy to socialise that much other than with Jess.

I can only treat limited people wholeheartedly. Sounds bad but this is true. Guess my energy and attention are the most finite resources I own.

But hey maybe it's just today.
I might be damn energetic tomorrow and everything above don't hold. Who knows? ^^

Now now, download 49days and just die on my bed. Finally starting this drama. It has been on my computer for more than 49 days. See ya cute Earthlings.