Dinner with the girls

Hello angels!

Just came home from this little meet up.

Pretty weird day because we were all late. And I was the earliest of the lot. :D
Right before Apple came, this woman came and borrowed my phone. I swear I was damn paranoid and all the TV scenes were flashing across my mind (eg take and call then run away) lol. Too drama already. Nothing happened to my phone and even the home button works again. Haaaaa~~~

Oh, if I'm not wrong I saw Yong Hong. I just waved back without confirming anyway. Sorry I'm this slow.

Met the girls and headed to Pasta for dinner. Late late dinner.

The usual

Please note the blue shirt girl.

Cheese spammer. Should have taken a video instead. Pastamania/PizzaHut, do consider charging her an extra 1 buck. 

Apple brought things for us to nom. Very nice!

Pretzels! ($3.40)

The caramel one. Very yummy! 
Sour cream was good as well. 

Available in Takashimaya! First time trying. :D

And also beard Papa. Didn't take a picture of it. Vanilla is nice. 

Went to Mac for some desserts: ice-cream, fries and such. 

Appy made us close our eyes and passed us these! 

Blurred the words to protect Appy. Fated brought us together. No choice ~ ^^

Hey girls,
Last group photo: March 2011.
We need to arrange an outing or two and spam some pictures.
Love you dollz.

This post took longer than expected. Keep dozing off while typing (Although I sounded real hyped up and such)
Seriously, such posts (quite simple) took me roughly 1h15mins. 
Blogging is seriously not an easy thing to do; especially on a daily basis. You have to think of good posts. It is not like everyday you're going out and encounter things worth telling the world, you know?

So, help me click the ads. Guess they are my sort of motivation. And of course, you reading. 
Strangers/friends. Thanks!
It is nice knowing there are people reading things I've written. Trying to improve my contents and English for you guys! Wait for it ^^

Really tired today. So no L4D session for me. 
Zombified. xo.