Being pessimistic is just being realistic

Wow wow. Today turned out to be an eventful day... when I have nothing planned. Went with the flow and it was really not bad. :3

Went to work on an empty train. Heeeheee love empty trains. Hate the fact we have to start work on chu 3.
Btw, today is a love-hate day.

Worked a little, organised here and there. Received my ang baos from my colleague, my boss and my company ^^

Headed to Sushi Tei for food. Very yums especially the rolls. Even the jellyfish tastes good. :D

Ended the session with yu sheng. Had 2 plateful for the sales team. For good luck, I think. Sushi Tei @ Paragon is a nice place. Big and clean. Staff were nice as well. Went for a little 10-min walk with my colleague in Paragon. Not my type of shopping place, sadly. Wait till I earn enough to feed myself and everybody else. Material wants are just secondary.

Nicest boss let me off early! Love her!
So I managed to make my way too woodlands early to meet sw and yq. They took 30 minutes to walk all the way to the station. Both of them were all dressed up as though they're heading to town. Me? Heading to bed ahahahaa! Told ya I don't care when I've no after-work events. I'm just a shag piece of tofu flowing home after work.
(PS, this meet up was impromptu so yea)

Headed to semb and shopped for steamboat food. Bought I believe enough for 5 pax. Went to prepare blahblah Appy's mom and aunt are very nice!

Ate tons of food yum yum pork belly xxxx. Fats.

Tabao our pudding and invaded the playground for h2h talk.

I don't really feel like summarising because our dear phua-san summarised everything. Go read her post ba. (Link to yueqi blog nownownow)

Wait, let me say my piece first.

I couldn't disagree with her. It is just the sad cold truth many are not willing to accept, including me. Nonetheless, this very moment should be the most important. To everyone reading this post as well. Don't worry too far because you might never get there. If you feel like it, do it. If you like it/him/her, say it. If you tried your best, leave it. 

Life is too short and too unpredictable. This is ironically the marvelous thing about living.
oh yea, we finally ventured into the relationship topic hahahaaaaa. Not that.. hard. ^^