Astons Express With Cave Woman

Very exciting day. Work aside, met sw for dinner hehehe. 

Crapped a ton on the train. Love love love talking. So comfortably. 

Went to Marsiling as I need to pass something to my tutor but couldn't make it back in time. Oh well.

Astons Express for dinner. Chargrill chicken for me and terriyaki chicken for wen. 

Wasted so much saliva today. hurhur. 
Zizhao came for his break. 

Yes, all the talking/catching up. So good. 
Impossible to share/blog about our contents. LOL Varies so much + they are inside info/jokes. yeaaaaa.

Ahhh can't wait to meet the rest! ^^

Walked home with wen. 

I really enjoyed today despite how bland it seems. Trust me, it was an enjoyable 3 hours short meet up.