Zoological Gardens (Part 2)

Oh hi. I'm finally going to upload part 2. I know, we went there on 6 of Feb. It is December now. :x
Forever procrastinating.

Here are pictures I managed to copy out of the camera. The rest were in my phone. But you know, my dear iPhone went for a swim and gone with it were many pictures, including pictures taken at the later part of the day.

To refresh your memory, here's the first part




 Fruit bats


Same as above. Is it raccoon?

Disclaimer here. I looked super fat and ugly then (barely a year ago). Wait, not much difference now too. I just couldn't understand why I looked so different ahaha whatever. It was bad face period + I don't usually make up when I'm out with my family. 


My sis showed me this and I was like "omg so nice where is it?"
Then she pointed to the information board -_____-

The actual thing:

 Mad pretty after editing. The green is literally popping out!

Didn't name such animals as I group them all as lizards #shallow

Dk what I'm doing but this is the uglist picture ever. 


One of the shows we managed to watch. Crazy amount of people there. 
Seals are smart, awesome.

Another show: Elephant show!
First time watching it in Singapore Zoo. 

Have tons of pictures of elephants but I selected a couple. They ain't that cute to me. 
The show was pretty impressive. But well, I personally think the one I watched in Thailand was more memorable. Somehow all the best animal shows I watched were performed by animals in Thailand. Oh well.

Lastly, not forgetting two of my favourite animals!

Couldn't spot the black bear anywhere. :( #regret
So took a photo with the information board. I can't get more idiotic. 

Can you tell how hot that day is? Also, I was running to this enclosure to look for my cute bear. Explains my red cheeks. I NEVER SEE MYSELF LIKE THIS BEFORE I'M AMAZED. Okay time to jog more. 
Natural blusher <3

My love. 
Sadly, not emperor penguins. :(
Settle for this. Would take a picture with emperor penguin very son. 
(Bird park anyone?) ^^

I love family trips like this. Really hope there is one in the near future. My dad suggested to go overseas during cny period. Well well, time to do some research. Anyhow, 2012 will be a year of magnificent changes. 
Nuff said, you will see.