You're beautiful

You're Beautiful

This is another drama I absolutely adore. I really think the first few eps are mad important. After the first ep on tv, I went online to watch all the others. Yes, mad kan chiong. 

But it's really that nice. I watched it on train, during lunch breaks, walking home etc. Yeah. 

I've completed them last night and I've been having the worst hangover ever. Because this show has been filling practically my whole life as per last week (minus the boring work). It's a surge of emptiness right after the last second of the show. Very hard to explain. Nothing to do so I slept almost the whole day. Decided to rewatch it on tv. I almost never rewatch dramas but this is so worth it. ^^

I've been contemplating which new drama to start (most probably secret garden). I need something to entertain me for the 1 hour train ride daily (-____________-). Let me just search around in dailymotion. 

Initially when I began the show, I really don't like  Hwang Tae-Kyung. Not cute. Super like Jeremy (Lee Hong ki) ^^ So cute one. But as the show progressed, I've grown to like this character. Especially when he had his fringe up. 

He doesn't smile a lot so I'm puzzled why I like him the most among the three guys. Many like shinwoo but to me he's just too.... boring and beating around the bush. I don't like. 

This is a tad surprising because I hardly ever like things/person I don't like initially as time goes by.
But once I'm over that hurdle I'll be done. All in. Hooked.

Ahh I wish I know someone who is passionate for some sort of music/the arts. And have some sort of charm. #okcan

When I am watching the show, I wish to fast-forward all the portions without him and Mi Nam... Hahaha!
Btw, Mi Nam looks really good when she styles her (I think) wig. Check the last few ep. 

Pig rabbit!
So ke ai one.

Go check his photos here