Yet another lazy day

Post post chalet = sleep like a pig. Woke up at around 3 over. My bed is the best :3

Dish of the day was butter prawns. It was meh. Arranged it nicely and wanted to snap a pic or two (since I took really long to clean and cook them) but chopsticks are apparently much faster than my camera shutter.

Not giving up yet. Garlic prawns, anyone? ^^
Had an allergy reaction when I'm cleaning the prawns... Rashes all over my hands.. Nice one.
Now my back is a tad itchy but it is all worthwhile.

I'm going to wake up super early tomorrow and start my one day event. And just in case the train breaks down again, it'd be a stay home Friday.

Hope everything turns out great and I hope I am not lazy and make my way to the big Sheng siong tomorrow. (if I have time). I wish I drive. Or someone around me drives and is willing to bring me around.

If not I will prob wear ijc uni(student price) and figure out how to bus there. And bus back with 20kg shit.

A little abrupt but I really feel like watching the movie Yue watched. Action-packed? Sounds good to me. A couple of hours spent looking for good movies to watch... But failed.

Gonna start some horror shows marathon. Or zombies. Or virus. ^^

So me catching a movie in the cinema is a little out of the world. Ever since I discover funshion, YouTube and 1 more web, I always feel movies are a waste of money.

That is why I'm eager to watch ghost protocol. Confirm good if not why I suddenly wanna watch?!

Motive: who wanna watch as well?

Not forgetting Left 4 dead, resident evil 5... Can't wait!

Time to roll into my dreamland. ^^ and continue oh my lady tmr. The little girl so kawz. *melts*