What have I been doing?

A levels has officially ended for quite a while now.
Interested in what I'm doing?

No partying, no fun, no clubbing, no movies...
How fun.

I've been travelling to and fro for interviews (let's talk about this in another post) or just soaking myself in Orchard air.

Obsessions/places I went to:

Dk what's wrong with my mouth but I've to start with a picture of myself hehehe.

Baby in cow suit

Omgosh. The little thing is so mad cute in cow suit. Swear I will do this to my cute little thing next time hehehe. Haiz nobody seems to appreciate. :(

Or anyone willing to lend me your little one and have a little dressing game? ^^ Plus video.

Orchard Road; Orchard Central
Very pretty picture.

I love this part so much because the lighting are in shades of purple. Better than blue which practically dominated other parts of Orchard Road. 

Target: Walk in the midst of all the lighting, dress like a Santa Claus (or similar), drown in tons of happy Xmas songs with nice breeze. Warm yourself up in some warm clothing, smile and enjoy this festive season xo.

The weird looking people but nice background ^^

Nicest chips on Earth. From Malaysia

All dressed up for interview
And my new cute yellow case ^^

Causeway point

The two searching for clues for the amazing race.

Didn't join the peeps in scape because I really spent like so freaking much on transportation.
Within like 2 days I've spent 20bucks on transportation liao fml.
Damn adult fares.

Ahhh if you wanna know more about the amazing race, hopefully the girls will blog so I can link it up here
Glad yue enjoyed herself (not forgetting zz lol)

tata let me think of something else to post. Now I've to choose between Gumiho or movie. heheee. Life is great.