Stay over at Wen's place

This is by far one of the quickest update I did. *pats back*

So today I waited for Singtel technician to hit my place. Miotv done.
They are damn good. First one called yesterday and I was brushing my teeth. The second one called when I was showering. Hmmmm.

Packed, grabbed some vegs before heading to sw's den. Cooked fried rice. Not bad (I'm hungry again hur).

Nom nom ^^

Played with make up and fake lashes.

Sw. Quite nice except she kinda look like ren yao with specs!

Failed for both yue and appy. okay time to read up on their eye shape already.

After which, went to the car park to catch eclipse. Nothing much but the skies were beautiful. Stars all over. So not Singapore. Kinda remind me of UK. ^^

With Gingerbread man ^^ 

1.23am: Yue playing some game, Appy went lala land, Sw sewing her tie thing and I'm here, blogging.

Alrighto, heading over to mingle with the girls.
xoxo stay tuned for the updated post sweethearts!

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