Post Chalet

Morning Glory Pond

Back from Chalet. Waiting for pictures to be up so I can blog (But I guess it will take a while as the photos ain't with me).
Brought camera but forgot the battery. Awesome. The shots I've in my phone are boring shit so let's wait a little.

Didn't manage to accompany my dad to the hospital. Mum went on my behalf. Report wouldn't be out so but I hope, pray, wish everything got better.

Wanted to cook some good food for him ite he did all the cooking. As for me, I was the assistant cook. ^^

Now my energy level is almost zero. Let me just keep the laundry and nap a little. 
Or should I eat?

Btw, my appetite is pretty small. Unless when I'm home or I'm surrounded with food I absolutely can't resist. (It is probably the same for you too). 
Home cook meals are the best. Really. :D

Lastly, I super love the picture above. Got it off tumblr (as usual). Very pretty place omg I want to visit that place one day. *write down in my to go list*