New banner

First of all, welcome back Vietnam peeps! ^^ It has been a while since I last met the girls hur. Time to arrange for a meet up!

Secondly, I admit, I'm too lazy nowadays to even blog. :( Plus my computer is malfunctioning. Any sort of fairs/sales going on? If there is, please inform me I need to grab some gadgets plus furniture.

Thirdly, I'm hooked to drama-ing these days. Nah, mostly Korean dramas and random movies.

I can't remember when I did what but here's what I've done over the past couple of days.

1. Dentist. Painful. But the one dad went is much worse. (near my block). Please don't ever visit blk 111 dentist. Unless you want to experience some intense pain and heck care attitude. Plus it is only 10 bucks cheaper than a specialist I went to. (I mean for cleaning and polishing service)

I went to the one located in bt timah. Did 2 fillings + cleaning and polishing + some other stuff. :( scary experience.

2. Went to tpy for a tiny bit of shopping. I need to chase some cash back for the upcoming events. Got stuff for my family but they don't quite like it. >:( Next time I should just buy my own clothes and such. Had koi (I know, not supposed to).. Not that bad but no pearls (didn't know need to request for it) :(

3. Caught tons of dramas/movies. Some were shown donkey years ago and I bet you've watched and even re watched it. But hell yeah I'm slow likea slowpok so here's the list:

Running man
 Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Where to watch: Youtube

It was quite funny and I really think the super tall guy in red (refer above) is super funny/ke lian. Go watch to find out why.
I'm done with 3 ep and many were hanging halfway.
I'm lazy to do the searching and such so I watched it on youtube. RM on youtube is always broken. 
It just makes me sick looking around for the next part.
So I got tired and ep 3 it shall be.

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese
Where to watch: Funshion

This is pretty good. Gonna watch part 2 very soon. ^^


Death Bell 2: Bloody camp (2010)
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Eng/Chi
Where to watch: Youtube/Funshion

Hmmm, not a bad show. Not exactly a "horror" film. You know, it is more of a human-human thing. There were supernaturals involved but they were not the main bulk of the movie.


Final Destination
Language: English
Where to watch: Funshion

This movie makes me feel quite depressed. Because if you're supposed to die, you will. No second chance, no goodbyes. Haiz. Not sure whether I want to watch the rest or not. We will see. 


Oh! My lady
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Where to watch: I am watching in from the discs.

Less than halfway through. Not bad though. But still thinks gumiho is better hahah Lee Seung Gi!
After this I'm going to convince my sis to get secret garden!(highly raved by kai)

The little girl so kawz!

4. Wanted to change the banner picture so I dug through my folders and found a random snapshot. Edited and to my horror, I've exceeded my uploading limits! What do I do now? I hate browsing through codes. Wanted to change to a simple skin but man, all the template now are so complicated! :(
Will look for a skin later.

Used this because it was really easy to crop the background away. 
Oh well. 

That's all folks I'm going to clean up my nail polish now.
Was happily painting grey polish (quite nicely as well) on until Singtel called and asked me to pluck out the phone wire.
Gone case already.