Making up

I just spent crazy amount on fake lashes. I am not someone who cannot live without fake lashes. Nor make up.

It just dawn on me that I can very well live without it. But I want to try different styles. I want to follow up. Many people/bloggers I read are treating those fake hair as a daily necessity.

I wonder would I be like them in the future?

I guess not exactly. I'm lazy to spend all the time dolling up. ^^ I don't really care about how I dress when there isn't major events happening.
Plus, anything with specs is ten times less appealing. (since I can't wear lens for computer)

K la, one of the reasons why I grabbed new lashes is because... I decided to go clubbing and I am quite excited. First time in my life. ^^

Guess this reason is enough to tempt me to dress up. After wearing pri school clothes or mum's clothes for a week and over.

Time to try face painting when I reach home. Well, I wanna remove those shit the SA put on my face first. Disgusting.