Iphone Camera!

It has been a month and over since I landed my hands on my new iPhone. I wasn't super impressed with 4s but price don't differ that much.... so why not get a newer version?

Siri was... fine. I don't really utilise it. I mean, just use your damn hands. Everything is faster.

Nonetheless, I'm very much awed by the camera. Pretty clear for a phone. Together with awesome photo editing app, I've been snapping a lot of pictures.

Everything is so convenient; with just a click I can tweet them after I edited.
So here's some of the photos I took while I'm at work. (for the benefit of those who don't follow me/missed them)

Sorting out crayons for my painting

 Shifted games out

 Just a place to keep some of my hair stuff.

Pulled them out and decorated those containers + another one to keep spare rubber bands.

 One of the nights in my house. 
Feels very... different. We hardly use those lights but damn they are pretty.

Unwrapped a new baby Shin Chan. So kawz. ^^

There are more things I want to post but it's 9pm already. Time for food. 

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