Ikea @ Alexandra Road

Such an impromptu trip. Thank god for spontaneous people (okay, not really, only one), google maps and my sis's ezlink.
Sheng siong another day, I think.

Started the day off with colour selection and throwing old plates and such. Fun. ^^

After which I made my way to Ikea @ Alexandra Road. 

Before you even continue, let me warn you first, I only took 1 picture in Ikea. The rest are just the aftermath. I was practically dragging myself around Ikea just now. So mad tired I just dropped my bag twice. Lol.

Waited for like an hour in Ikea for Tim to crawl his way there. Not his fault. The bus. Had quick snack. I'm so sua ku. First time eating in Ikea. Everything there is so fascinating. :3 Would love to dine there again. Soon I guess since I would be dropping by to grab some furniture.

I know I'm damn slow but I'm craving for meatballs and the chicken wings. So nice ~

One day I'm going to order a table full of these shit and eat them all by myself 
Oh, and not get fat ^^

Walked around that place and mentally noted a couple of items I would love to own. 

*insert irrelevant picture*

Ended the Ikea trip with hotdog bun. Who can resist hotdog buns? They taste like the ones in iCafe, without mayo and slightly less tasty mustard. 
Miss that so much too.

Headed to Anchor point and Tim got his dress pants. Is that what you call it? Sometimes I wish I'm taller so I don't look awkwardly short in those things.... T___T 
Guess I would have to settle with what I have. 

Grab a pair of slippers... sandals thing from cotton-on. Ir's cheap anyway. 

Took bus home. Journey was tough (lol) but reached Woodlands earlier than expected.
Was pretty glad I got my ass out of my house to meet him today because idky he is quite nice today. Lazy to elaborate ugh I need to sleep now.

Once in a blue moon? ^^ Considering the fact that I'm late but the person I'm meeting is later.

Don't quite make sense right now. Good night. ECP tomorrow.
I hope I hear the alarm. Or the morning call. But will he even wake up?
Let's wait and see. :3

Tried wearing my hair differently in these few pictures. Which one suits me better?
Most of the time I'm with side swept bangs anyway (what's new)

I'm seriously loving my lens and would consider getting more lighter colour lens. 14mm. Not bad though.
But they look kinda scary with flash/strong lighting.

Please prepare yourself before you continue.

*picture removed cause it's really scary*

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. iPhone is just so convenient. Plus, front camera usually takes really good photos. So damn pixelated everything is perfect already. xo.