How To: Microwave Potatoes

Hiya! Actually this is so simple it shouldn't be a post... but I really love potatoes whatever ^^.

I prefer baked ones; they taste so good! However, I don't have an oven at home. (sucks) so I guess I have to make use of what I have.
A Microwave.

I never thought it is possible to microwave potatoes. My microwave only heats up cold food/melt cheese or something. Sad.

Long story short, this is how I did it.

What I need:
1. Scrub
2. Potatoes of any sort. As if I can distinguish between different potatoes. But I remember those yellowish ones are pretty nice~
3. Microwave
4. Fork

How to do:
1. Wash/scrub the potatoes. Make sure it is clean because you're cooking the whole thing together.
2. Remove any sort of new buds/dents/etc.
3. Using a fork, create holes all around the potatoes
4. Set your temperature/setting to highest.
5. For 1 potato, set the timing to 6 minutes and for 2 potatoes, set it to 12minutes.
6. Slit open a small portion and add desired toppings.
Toppings can vary from butter (yums) to tuna to chicken to bacon etc

Very easy to do but not exactly recommended. This is because microwaving potatoes will destroy the nutrients found in them.

That's all folks. Go make your potato now! Stop eating MSGs xo.