How To: Blue Gradient Nails

This is by far my favourite set of nails done all by myself. Spent a good 1.5hours on it. Worth every second.

Been pretty hooked to blue colour recently. Not very sure why. It is really easy and mistakes and flaws are acceptable in this set of nails.

This is of course inspired by bubzbeauty, starry nights nails

I changed some of her steps to fit what I have but basically bubz has showed you how to achieve this gradient effect in the video above.

What I used:
1. Foundation sponge
2. Eleanor sky blue (been exploiting this colour so much, love it!)
3. Some silver nail polish
4. Silver glitter ($2)
5. Deep blue polish from Michelle ($2)
Didn't take a picture of the blue but here's how the polish look like.

This is one of the best polishes I've used. 
They are produced by Beadstreet, a store located in Cineleisure. Going for $2 each. Cheap and good.
Plus point is there is an impressive array of colours. 
Beadstreet is located beside Pastamania in Cine. Go check them out!

6. Shimmery nude by LA colours ($3.90)
7. Topcoat/base coat by The Face Shop ($2.90)

All the colours I chose in this look are easily and cheaply available. Not forgetting how easy yet gorgeous the end product looks. 

How I did it:
1. Base coat
2. Using your sponge, use the silver polish to cover 3/4 of your nail.
3. Sky blue colour should cover about 1/2 of the nail on top of the silver colour. 
4. Dark blue colour should be placed and blended gradually from the tip downwards. (sort of fail here)
5. Always work from tip down. Add colour gradually. Less is more.
6. Apply shimmery nude colour from sky blue downwards.
7. Top coat and sprinkle silver glitter.

Go try them as well! ^^