Home is my favourite hangout place

I made lots of plans but I never really started any of them. Been lazing around, eating irregularly, sleeping at wee hours, daydreaming, playing maple, watching movies and videos.

I need some me-time #excuses.

But anyhow, I'm back to maple idky. The girls said they wanted to play (I started first though). I don't remember how to add stats, what jobs there are, the maps are so freaking confusing. However, met really nice peeps and got free mesos (right?) not bad. Target: Train different jobs. That is if I continue to cope at home.

So much of not using computer. Apparently I got my sis hooked to the game too. ^^

My to do, to go, to eat, to blog lists are gone. Totally lost without them. I hope they are somewhere.

Last thing, Kai started blogging (yay!) and I will relink him up shortly. Meanwhile. stare at this space until you spot your first trace of fungi. Good luck.