Hit the Orchard Road

Second day of work down. Today was a fast day. Everything was so fast paced. I am indeed getting use to the environment. Colleagues are really nice.
Met another manager, Jeffery. Very organised person. Very capable. Though there would be higher expectations but I don't mind working under a tighter condition. Let's take all this as a form of training.

Toured around our life centre. Very impressive. Didn't stay on for the event (there's good food you know) as Jessica had to rush to meet her parents.
I hate MRT rides. Firstly, it's a test to see how many people can fit into the cabins. Secondly, the trains (esp the one I took back) was accelerating and decelerating periodically. Irritating. I fell on Jess so many times lol. There's this weird uncle. IDK WHY I KEEP MEETING WEIRD PEOPLE ON THE MRT/WAY HOME. The uncle stood right in front, facing me on the train. If you realised most of the people will stand in a certain orientation but this uncle did the opposite. Never mind la but I was uncomfortable so I tilted to the side. The weird uncle also tilted the same way wtf.
The ride was mad shaky that time but I forced myself not to fall, or worse on him. I don't wanna chop off any parts he touched me. Haaaaa Ikr.

When I'm on my way home (I walked), this man passed by, stopped, turned and stared at me. I saw him staring because I turned to go up the stairs. I guess I dressed weirdly? Or perhaps there's something on my face? I didn't even wear make up and I just put on my geeky-with-a-tint-of-fashion (self-proclaimed) specs.

Seriously, who can take contact lens and computer for 8 hours? Not forgetting mine are coloured.

Yesterday after my first day of work, I went over to Orchard to meet my dearests. Everyone came but tiffy went home really early. Went to Daiso to grab cushion for my dad and a cup for myself in the office. I haven't even wash the cup so I'm still using office cups.

Really need to hit Orchard H&M (since I love their winter collection) for cardigans or something. Nearly froze to death in the office.

They went for Macs fries and ke lian de me have to go home because I can't stay out too late. You know, I need to catch 1 ep of You're Beautiful before bed.

This is a pretty wordy post and I sacrificed my show. :( I am still drafting some other posts so wait for it~!

Have to grab presents tomorrow. Now's it's time for show before hitting the sack.