Forgo hate, embrace love

I'm a very temperament person. Ever-changing. Doesn't sound like a trait for Taurus but in reality, all Taurus acts/functions differently in society.

I've realised I'm using vulgarities (a lot) nowadays, especially on twitter. Read back my tweets (spotted a mistake hahaha very stupid one but forget it) and saw like tons of such ill-mannered words all around.

Even annotations. Whyyyyy?

I guess it is gradually turning into a (bad) habit so I should stop using them. Okay fine ^^

Twitter has the most of such unglam as I usually post anything im frustrated with or so at that moment.

You know, you tend to spill careless words when you're boiling.

So nah I'm not going to do it as frequently anymore.

This holidays I'm going to learn how to become a better person.

Tried cultivating patience (still in the process) and also be less lazy.

To people I've thrown shit to, thank you for staying and making me full of joy at the end of the day. Im utterly sorry for all my childish acts but I can't exactly control them.

Super impulsive :( would change for you my angels.

Last but not the least, I started maple. But bored after 2 hours. So many new things Idk how to play Liao.

Used to get all worked up due to a puny reason, now? No more(I hope).

Please don't appreciate my efforts, please need my effort ^^

Really bored alone.
Alright, if any Vietnam peeps is reading this (highly doubt so), yi lu shun feng.