Family Xmas Feast

As usual, we spent Christmas at home. Parents are really busy during this period. However, dad did come home to drive us to the newly opened Sheng Siong located in god-forsaken corner in the North. Somewhere near the driving center? I believe so.

I would never ever go to that place again. Pretty disappointed. Small and lack variety.

Plus the location is just turn off.Ulu like mad. 

Basically, we just grabbed whatever we wanna eat. Mostly fried processed food. I can feel myself a tonne heavier already. :(

Did all the necessary, including grabbing KFC from CWP.

I love the potatoes I made so much! Though it is still a tad bad when compared with authentic baked potatoes.... It's good enough for a first-timer.

Didn't snap a lot of pictures because we just ate at speed of light when everything was done. Tried mixing some sort of vodka but still, nobody likes vodka. -___- 

After food we caught:

Terminators 2: Judgement Day

It was pretty good. I wanted to watch it for the longest time. ^^ I suggested horror films but my family wasn't keen on this genre. T____T In fact, not a lot of people around me like such shows. Idky I love to watch shows like that. Hmmm because most of them are nothing impressive. Heheee I like to scare myself or something. Weird.

Anyhow, check below for the trailer!

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas. ^^ 2011 is coming to an end! Let's welcome a great year!